DToD Travel Grant

Open to Current DToD Fellows Only

A student-arranged internship is a signature element of the DToD program, providing an opportunity for students to connect the theory and practice of poverty action and/or conducting research in the field. The intention is for students to gain valuable learning experiences through working with companies, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, or community projects that focus on various dimensions of digital transformations as they relate to poverty or a low resource setting.

Financial assistance to travel is available to offset travel expenses and living expenses. This is awarded through a formal application process, and is primarily need-based. The DToD Travel grant is available to all DToD fellows (stipend funded or not).

For further information, please contact dtod-deveng@berkeley.edu.

Note: DToD Travel / Internship Forms are still in the works. This page will be updated with links to them when they are finished. Contact dtod-deveng@berkeley.edu if you wish to apply for travel before they are finished; the very similar older InFEWS NRT program’s forms are linked to for reference in items 1-4 in the last section).

Student Expectations

To apply for internship travel grant as DToD fellow, please complete the DToD Travel Application and email it to dtod-deveng@berkeley.edu. Whether you get the travel grant or not, make sure you get travel insurance! As part of the DToD Internship experience you are required to:

  1. Complete a pre-internship reflection document.
  2. Communicate with your faculty sponsor and receive their approval prior to beginning the internship.
  3. Collect (in an ethical manner) photos/screenshots/video/audio representing the types of work and insights that you have during your internship (these must not be part of your research. If you are collecting such information as part of your research, you must have IRB approval before collecting it – please consult https://cphs.berkeley.edu/review.html for further information).
  4. Complete a post-internship reflection document.
  5. Present insights in seminar or symposium to DToD fellows and faculty in the fall semester or annual meeting.
  6. All travel must comply with UC Berkeley travel guidelines. Including, but not limited to, lodging or meals & incidental expenses (M&IE) per diems. All travel must comply with the Fly America Act. If you expect other classes of expenses that are not listed above, but may be critical for your internship, please contact dtod-deveng@berkeley.edu prior to submitting your application.
Important Forms and Details

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