Students from the Dev Eng C200 program field test the Darfur stove outside the Haas School of Business on a rainy Friday

Master of Development Engineering

UC Berkeley’s 3-Semester Master’s Program
  • 15-month innovative program merging technology and development for careers in social impact, social entrepreneurship, and sustainability
  • Cross-cutting curriculum in: design and management of technology, application of emerging technologies, evidence-based assessment techniques, economic development, social problem solving, cross-cultural collaboration, and community engagement
  • Team-oriented experiential learning through summer internship and a final project
  • Dedicated career development team to guide you through your job search
  • World-class Berkeley Engineering and Social Science faculty and research facilities
  • Beautiful San Francisco Bay Area setting & Silicon Valley entrepreneurial culture

We accept applications once per year for a fall semester program start. The application opens in September and is due by Tuesday, January 10, 2023 at 8:59pm PST.

Learn more about the application process. 

  • Global Impact Program Manager
  • Foreign Service Program Officer
  • Sustainable Product Designer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Digital Innovation and Scaling Specialist
  • Energy and Climate Research Analyst
  • Technology and Innovation Advisor
  • Social Impact Project Lead
  • Data Analyst for Social Impact Partnerships
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Lead
  • Technical Director of Sustainable Innovation
  • Sustainable Strategy Consultant
  • AI Ethics Strategist

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