Innovation in Disaster Response, Resilience & Recovery (IDR3)

Selecting from a range of pre-defined problem sets in the disaster response space sourced in collaboration with the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN), students spend the class immersed in a semester-long project to design a technology-based intervention that addresses specific needs identified through the process of the class. Students will develop fluency in key concepts in disaster response, while developing expertise in key design and technology toolkits: design thinking, systems thinking, and readily accessible platforms to prototype solutions. Join us Friday, April 30th from 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM PST to learn about our students’ work and discuss and envision a more secure and resilient future. Register by clicking on the button below.


Prof. Alice Agogino, PhD
Vivek Rao, PhD


Deniz Dogruer, MS

Student Showcase

Innovation in disaster response, resilience, and recovery are essential to ensure a resilient and secure future. In our class this semester, 29 students representing 10 different academic departments at UC-Berkeley took a deep dive into this topic, working with six partner organizations across the US Department of Defense that focus on disaster preparedness as a national security issue. Practicing human-centered design, systems thinking, and technology prototyping, students engaged with their partner organization to interview users and stakeholders, frame actionable opportunities and design an intervention to address a real challenge in disaster response. Join us Friday, April 30th from 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM PST to learn about our students’ work and discuss and envision a more secure and resilient future. *All attendees must sign in to a Zoom account to access this meeting. Pre-register via zoom by scrolling up and clicking the button under the course description.

Data for Search & Rescue Operations

US Northern Command / Denver, CO

How might we use existing phone capabilities to streamline search  & rescue data flow and improve SAR operations after catastrophic incidents?

Awareness of Personnel & Processes Post-disaster

US Central Command / Doha, Qatar

A simple and efficient way to identify each personnel’s status post-disaster under limited or compromised infrastructure conditions.

Preparing & Protecting Air Assets Facing Disaster Conditions

US Air Force Hickham / AFB

How might we minimize ambiguity and communication delay in the existing decision-making process for hangaring air assets?

Resilient & Robust Navigation in Infrastructure-Poor Environments

US Army Futures Lab / Huntsville, AL

How might we connect drone operators and ground responders to visualize changes in wildfire’s borders?

Disaster Risk & Response Management in Morocco

Utah National Guard & Moroccan Defense Forces

How might we help Moroccan disaster response units achieve situational awareness after a disaster?

Synchronizing Variable Real-Time Disaster Response Data

US Naval Information Warfare Center / San Diego, CA

How might we better prioritize and visualize data to support HADR teams’ planning, situational awareness, and decision making?