Thank you Prof. Alice Agogino from DevEng Community of Faculty, Staff, and Students

The DevEng community of Faculty, Staff, and Students

Thank you Prof. Alice Agogino from DevEng Community of Faculty, Staff, and Students

Alice Agogino

Dear Alice,

The graduation of the first M.DevEng cohort is a significant moment that would not be complete without a heartfelt tribute to you. 

Professors hold a position of great responsibility to lead young minds to practice their profession with precision, care and commitment, while— as you have repeatedly stressed — exercising humility. You are an educator to all of us, offering deep theoretical and technical knowledge, life experience, and, above all, leadership by example.

The seeds of Development Engineering that you planted, that you nurtured with solicitude, and that grew and thrived through your meticulous reflections, additions, and constant improvements are now blooming. Today, the first cohort of professionals who came to Berkeley to become Development Engineers celebrate their graduation, ready to go out in the world and make an impact.

Furthermore, the influences of the Development Engineering programs at UC Berkeley go well beyond their graduates. These programs shine a light on project-based learning, community-based perspectives, and the importance of empowering faculty and students to implement holistic approaches to tackle complex problems. You have put indefatigable effort and passion into convincing deans, chairs, and colleagues that social impact should be part of academic evaluation, especially in engineering, and also across the many disciplines and departments with which you have been involved.

As we all stand and see the class of 2022 students graduating with thorough capacity and commitment to use technology toward making a positive impact and achieving greater justice across all layers of society, we are thankful for all the seeds you planted and nurtured, growing into the trees that Development Engineering has become, with metaphorical acorns falling and rolling far, sprouting in places where resources are lacking and other disciplines could not offer growth.

We would all like to thank you for your leadership in helping to establish Development Engineering as a discipline on campus and beyond, for raising engineers that care for the environment and for society, and for educating technically minded professionals to pursue social justice alongside all they do.

The DevEng community

of Faculty, Staff, and Students